5 Rules for Steam Cleaning Grout Safely

Are you considering steam cleaning Grout in your home? Before you steam, remember these 5 golden rules for safely steaming your floors.

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Has your once white grout turned brown and dingy? Do your floors never look entirely clean?

As dirt collects on your floors, grout can become discolored. Unsightly grout can ruin the look of any room.

Traditional methods of cleaning grout usually requires harsh chemicals and a lot of manual scrubbing.

Looking for a less laborious method to cleaning grout? Want to avoid using chemicals without losing effectiveness? If so, consider steam cleaning.

The use of steam has taken cleaning to a new level. Using steam to clean is efficient and eco-friendly.

If you’re considering steam cleaning grout in your home, you’ll want to know the dos and don’ts. Here are 5 rules for steam cleaning grout.

1. Use a Steam Cleaner Meant for Grout

There are all sorts of steam cleaners on the market. While you may want to use a steam mop to clean grout, using a grout steam cleaner will offer much better results.

So how do these appliances work?

First, water is heated to over 200 degrees. The water can then be dispersed through a brush or a nozzle.

Dirty grout is no match for hot steam.

2. Avoid Using Too Much Pressure in One Area

When using a steam cleaner on grout, avoid keeping the steam in one area for a long period of time. This can break the grout, which means you’ll need to replace it.

Follow the grout lines in the floor. Be sure to keep the steam cleaner moving to avoid too much pressure or steam.

3. Don’t Overscrub When Steam Cleaning Grout

When steam cleaning grout, don’t over-scrub. Too much scrubbing can remove the grout altogether.

After using the steam cleaner, you’ll need to wipe the dirt and grim off. Steam will loosen the dirt but it won’t remove it.

Use a damp cloth to remove any left overs.

You may also want to disinfect the grout to ensure all mold and mildew is killed off.

4. Safety First

Using a steam cleaner improperly is dangerous. If steam comes into contact with your skin, it can burn you.

When using a steam cleaner, follow instructions to avoid injury.

5. Practice Routine Cleaning

Steam cleaning grout is only one part of the equation.

To keep your grout looking good as new, clean it weekly using vinegar and water. This will reduce the growth of mold and mildew.

Vinegar is an all-natural cleaning agent that works well on floors.

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