How to Clean Bathroom Tiles Without Destroying Them

Is there are way to get tiles spic and span without damaging them? Here are a few insider tips on how to clean bathroom tiles the right way.

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Cleaning can be a real pain. With all the different cleaner types to choose from, it can be tough to figure out the best way to wash your beautiful bathroom tiles. Nobody wants to cause damage to their tiles while trying to make them shine.

It’s no wonder people often leave it to the experts. Professional tile and grout cleaners are key players in the multi-billion dollar cleaning industry.

Are you wondering how to clean bathroom tiles like the pros?

Well, read on for five expert tips on how to get them spick and span without compromising their quality.

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles: 5 Pro Tips

These tips will have you in and out of the bathroom in no time with shiny tiles.

1. Use Mild Cleaners

While harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia may seem like the quickest way to scrub away dirt, they can damage bathroom tiles. Over time, the chemicals will discolor your grout, ruining that perfectly finished look.

The effects won’t happen right away. But with prolonged use, you will begin to see the damage.

There are plenty of mild, all-purpose cleaners that will do the job just as well without all the worry. Make sure it’s bleach and ammonia free to avoid discoloration issues.

2. Don’t Scrub

Tiles are tough, but they can get chipped and damaged. Even the finish can get scratched and dulled.

To avoid that happening, don’t use any rough scrubbing powders or scratchy materials like steel wool on your bathroom tiles.

A gentler sponge is your best option. Even a cloth can be used in combination with a mild cleanser.

3. Minimal Water

Soaking your tiles and letting the water seep in can lead to a couple undesirable things:

  1. Mildew or mold in the grout lines over time
  2. Discoloration from the minerals in the water

Your tiles will have a better, sparkly finish if you hand dry or buff them using a towel. The extra time will be worth the shine.

4. Clean Spills Quickly

Tiles are porous. When there is a spill, it’s important to clean the bathroom tiles right away. If you wait, discoloration can seep into the tiles and cause irreversible damage.

5. Oil Free Cleaners

Not only can oils seep into tiles and cause discoloration, they’re an accident waiting to happen!

Avoid slips and trips by using oil free cleaning agents. You can get all the shine you need from buffing your tiles instead of coating them with a slippery finish.

They’ll be much safer and you’ll also avoid the damage oil can cause to tiles when it sits over time.

Get Cleaning Like the Experts

Before you were wondering how to clean bathroom tiles. Now, you’re ready to clean your tiles like the thousands of pros in the industry. Use our five tips to get squeaky clean bathroom tiles without causing damage.

Have you already experienced some damage to your tiles or grout? No problem. Find a grout repair expert in your area and get them back in tip top shape today.

And, don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog. We’ve got great tips coming!