5 Things to Avoid When Pressure Cleaning Your Deck

Pressure cleaning is the best way to give your deck the thorough cleaning it needs. But only if you do it right. Here are 5 big power washing mistakes to avoid.

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We all spend so much time on our decks that cleaning them seems like a legit decision. Pressure cleaning, moreover, seems like the safest decision because you will not only achieve the best possible results, but it will make it a less harmful process too.

However, there are certain things you need to avoid when cleaning your deck. Keeping those five factors in mind will make everything much easier and much better.

Keep reading and, by the end of this post, you will know what you must not do with your surface cleaning equipment:

1. No Preparation Before Pressure Cleaning

Every housework needs some preparation. Pressure cleaning cannot be an exception. Before you begin, you want to make sure the work area is ready:

  • Cover electrical outlets and components like air conditioner external units
  • Sweep away scattered pieces of rubbish or leaves
  • Cover your plants
  • Remove obstacles and furniture
  • Shut the doors and the windows.

Taking into consideration your work area will get the job done faster, more efficient and much safer. Study your environment and determine the spray pattern you will follow and the pressure washer settings you will use.

Also, you should check if the weather is in your favor since it is an outdoor space we are talking about.

2. Not Keeping Weather Phenomena in Mind

There is a common misunderstanding that the weather will help you maintain a clean deck. But, just because the wind takes leaves and debris away, it doesn’t mean that it keeps your surface clean. It will just scatter dust around.

In addition, rain will not wash away dirt either. It will just turn dust into mud and you will keep discovering black spots everywhere on the wood.

So, before cleaning your deck or porch, make sure you check the weather forecast. It would be a pity if your hard work was ruined by Mother Nature, wouldn’t it?

3. Not Minding The Gaps

A deck surface is not just a flat piece of wood you put your outdoor furniture on. It is made up of many different boards. And the gaps between the boards can actually ruin the whole thing.

In fact, any organic matter like leaves left between two boards will eventually rot. This will lead to discoloring and premature rotting of the wood. Water will do the same and you will end up with a convex and twisted desk.

Mind the gap and keep your wooden boards in a perfect condition!

4. Hot Water Power Washing

For some reason, people tend to believe that hot water is suitable for any kind of cleaning. Many advertisements would state the same about pressure cleaning too.

Sure, water in high temperature makes any cleaning process quicker but we would not recommend it for your home’s deck. Hot water can damage decorative materials on your porch or deck, corrode the wood’s vinyl, or even damage your lawn forever.

So, consider cold water and a proper cleanser –yes, it still works and sometimes it’s even more beneficial. Your deck will look shiny and spotless.

5. Not Calling the Professionals

We know cleaning, sometimes, sounds like an easy task that anyone can perform. On the other hand, this is not as easy as it sounds. Deck cleaning needs time and considerable effort.

If you are not sure about what you have to do, you should leave it to the professionals. They will not only get the job done right but with a warranty as well.

So, just click here and find the best surface cleaning and restoration professionals in your area. It has never been easier!

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