Does Your Driveway Need a Concrete Stain?

That old driveway is showing its age, but do you really need a full replacement? Read on to learn when to get a concrete stain for your driveway.

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After countless years of service, your concrete driveway is finally starting to shows signs of old age. It may still be solid and functional (no cracks and potholes), but it looks scaly and discolored.

For starters, a driveway doesn’t only serve as an access road to your home and a nice sport to pack your rides. It also adds to the home’s curb appeal, which means your home probably looks uninviting right now.

So, what do you do? Perform a concrete driveway repair or replace the entire thing?

Keep reading to learn how to tell when repairing your driveway with concrete stain is the best step to take.

Your Driveway Isn’t Damaged

Concrete staining doesn’t fix cracks, patches and potholes. It only gives your driveway an aesthetically appealing look.

Unlike paint which only adds a layer of color on top of the concrete, stain dissolves into the concrete and colors it to create a natural look.

As such, your first step should be to assess the driveway and determine whether it has any visible damages. Also look for structural weaknesses that could result in cracks a few months or years down the line.

Before staining, you want to make sure the driveway is in perfect shape. If it develops a crack or pothole after staining, you’ll be forced to repair, and then re-stain.

You’re Not Ready to Spend Lots of Money on a New Driveway

If your driveway isn’t good to look at, why not just replace it?

Well, you can if you’ve loads of cash to burn. Even then, it won’t be the most financially prudent thing to do.

Replacing an entire concrete driveway costs north of $3,500. With many families living paycheck to paycheck, you get the feeling nobody wants to spend that kind of money replacing a driveway, especially when you can just stain it at a lower cost.

Obviously, service providers will throw your different figures, but on average, expect to fork out anything from $7 to $11 per square foot.

Even better, this could be a DIY project!

Be cautioned, though, the work requires meticulous planning. You’ll need to select the type of stain you need, measure the driveway to know how much stain you need, clean it up, mask off the control joints, and use a sprayer pump to spray the stain, layer by layer.

Ready for all that? We doubt! Use TMT Business Directory to find a competent service provider near you.

You’re Selling Your Home Soon

Keen on selling your home in the near future?

Good. This is the perfect time to undertake a concrete driveway repair.

Sure, a revamped driveway may not have the ability to significantly increase the value of a home like a remodeled kitchens do, but it can make a contribution in its own subtle ways.

In any case, for a prospective buyer to get to the kitchen, they must use the driveway, right?

Go ahead and stain it!

Concrete Driveway Repair: The Bottom Line

Concrete is known for its ability to get stronger with age.

However, several years of sun exposure, bad weather, and insufficient maintenance can take their toll on its color and looks. As a result, once beautifully earth-toned or gray driveway now looks pale and ugly.

Thankfully, you can stain your concrete driveway and restore its beauty.

If you need help finding a service provider to fix your concrete driveway, click here to find a local professional who can assist you.